Life and Business on Purpose

Executive Coaching and Team Training for Conscious Leaders

What if you could reinvent your company so that you and your team were excited to face each day, mutually respectful and supportive, as well as hungry to improve, while your business outperforms your industry? This is the norm for a conscious business, which we can help you build.

Our aim is to guide leaders to grow a caring, conscious culture and accelerate long-term profitability and value creation. We do this by raising self-awareness, increasing emotional intelligence and instilling “systems thinking” throughout the leadership team.

The only prerequisites for success are an open mind and a readiness for action.

We offer individual coaching and leadership development programs for…

  • CEOs and Owners: Executives seeking to circumvent burnout and create a business that leaves a meaningful positive impact on all stakeholders
  • Struggling Stars: Experienced leaders whose abilities to unite and inspire their team are coming up short
  • High-Potentials: Proven performers who must upgrade emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to succeed at their next level
  • New Leaders: Frontline managers who must translate the ideals of conscious culture into extraordinary customer service and teamwork

All our programs embody the principles of Conscious Capitalism, because research has shown that business conducted in alignment with a higher purpose (a cause that is inspiring and positively impactful) is the most effective way to build the long-term value of a company and to elevate humanity.

Malcolm Avner – Your Coach and Programs Creator

Having experienced many business challenges and successes in various roles, Malcolm found his calling as a guide for leaders who have the courage and motivation to overcome beliefs and behaviors that keep them from performing to their potential. In his words…

“My coaching clients are committed leaders who need what I needed: A vision for how to engage in business meaningfully, a toolbox with which to transform work and life, and support from someone who has walked this path before.”

More at ABOUT Malcolm…

certified conscious capitalist consultant badge

Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Malcolm Avner is certified by Conscious Capitalism, Inc. as an accomplished developer of conscious leaders and catalyst for purpose-driven culture.

Conscious Capitalism is an approach to business based on the idea that working in alignment with a higher purpose (more than just making money) is actually the surest way to build the long-term value of a company and have a positive impact on all stakeholders.

Some of our clients have shared their thoughts about the coaching and programs available here….

  • A whole new level of self-understanding for a High-Potential…
    “The conscious leadership program changed my life. Ultimately, this program helped me understand that I am a human in process, adopt a growth mindset, and equip me with the tools to start changing the aspects I was unhappy with. This has been a deeply profound change for me as it applies to both my personal and professional life. The group sessions were a key component – not being alone helped me stay the course and the other participants often provided valuable feedback and information.”
    – A. Britton, Market Manager
  • Perform at a higher level…
    “Whether you need re-booting, guidance, insight, awareness or motivation; Malcolm has a way of bringing out your best and bringing you to a higher level of self-awareness and ultimately, success.”
    – J. Lehmann, CEO
  • Personal and Professional Growth…
    “Malcolm delivers an impactful blend of professional coaching and personal development. I recommend him unconditionally.”
    – J. Jarvis, SVP/Partner

Turn your company into a place of fulfilling work and extraordinary performance, while achieving success and a meaningful impact. Contact us here.

Our Executive Coaching and Team Training Services

Individual Coaching


Align your actions with your higher purpose and perform to your potential with the help of an inspiring and insightful coaching relationship. Executive coaching entails a whole-life approach to business-building, job performance and fulfillment.
Team Programs


When high-integrity teams come together to reach a common goal, magic can happen. Our workshops and group coaching programs will help your team – and your business – thrive.
Conscious Culture Roundtable


The Conscious Culture Roundtable is for CEOs and senior leaders who are fully engaged in developing and steering company culture – leaders whose personal mission calls for making a positive impact in the world. Designed to emphasize peer support and peer learning, this is a forum for sharing best practices, co-creating conscious business solutions, and sharing emotional support.


To build conscious culture on the front lines of customer service and production, the self-study course, Introduction to Conscious Leadership, is a cost-effective way for new managers to be exposed to foundational conscious leadership principles, such as accountability, integrity, compassion, and emotional intelligence.

“Organizations work every day to make money, but they exist to deliver on their purpose.” – John Mackey, CEO, Whole Foods