Team Programs

team coaching servicesLooking to build conscious culture faster in your organization?

  • Want to educate more employees on the ways of conscious business?
  • Want to accelerate the leadership effectiveness and emotional maturity of high-achievers?
  • Want a common vocabulary to facilitate your organization’s growth and unity?

Team programs bring the principles of conscious leadership and behaviors of conscious culture to groups of managers and administrators.

Virtual gatherings for peer managers and support teams are designed to…

  • Cost-effectively bring executive-level coaching and insights to frontline managers
  • Build camaraderie amongst peers (especially beneficial for remote managers)
  • Present opportunities to benchmark and problem-solve
  • Promote thinking more in terms of “we”, rather than “me”
  • Develop a personal code of integrity that amplifies company values and mission

Our Team Programs

High-Potentials Group Coaching is a hybrid of coaching and peer learning designed to fast-track your company’s next generation of senior leaders. Focus is on emotional intelligence, big-picture perspective, personal productivity, and life balance.

Team Unity Workshop Series is for a workgroup of administrators and front-line managers, intended to reduce barriers to cooperation, communication, and trust

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