Individual Coaching


Individual coaching is the most effective and quickest way to overcome performance obstacles – whether emotional, strategic, or organizational. To ensure that coaching is targeted and relevant, our work is guided by agreed-upon goals and success measures.

All programs are designed to enlighten and empower:

  • Content and pace are customized to your needs and priorities
  • Confidential and safe for hashing out the most sensitive issues
  • Proven tools and approaches for building skills
  • Action plans and accountability help you make desired changes
  • Additional guidance between regular meetings is included, for a time-sensitive decision or breakdown

Our Individual Programs

CEO and Owner Coaching aligns your leadership and business mission to your personal mission and purpose. This coaching leads to the growth of conscious culture and positions the company and its leader for long-term success

Struggling Star Coaching is for highly valued leaders experiencing disharmony, overwhelm and rebellion in their organization

Nature Retreat is a guided solo excursion into nature for senior leaders experiencing burnout or uncertainty. Reconnect with your mojo!

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