Team Coaching for Businesses

Types of Team Programs

leadersTeam Coaching: Accelerated Growth for High Potential Leaders

This customized team coaching program is designed to prepare the next generation of high-potential leaders for success. Geared towards those with unmistakable talent but unmet potential and a need to increase emotional intelligence, this fast-track program instills the emotional maturity and self-awareness needed to succeed in a senior leadership position.

Intended for a team of 3 to 5 peer leaders, the coaching entails bi-weekly meetings (either in-person or via videoconference) over a period of 18 months. The program emphasizes application over theory and addresses current leadership and management challenges.

The program helps leaders:

  • Relieve stress and frustration while increasing enjoyment and fulfillment in work
  • Increase understanding of human nature and become a more conscious business leader
  • Integrate a higher purpose into decision-making and culture
  • Learn to communicate authentically – without anger, blame or resentment
  • Increase personal and organizational accountability
  • Counter internal sabotage and increase mutual respect and cooperation

“My perspective on accountability of myself and my team has greatly changed. I give clearer direction and am more likely to seek better understanding before giving instructions."

– Recent program graduate, Market General Manager


multicultural business team in officeTeam Coaching: Creating Management Team Unity

This program is designed to optimize team performance by addressing internal conflict and interpersonal resentments to build a foundation for trusting relationships that lead to improved team cohesion. Based on the teachings of The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz, the program is intended for teams of up to 12 peer leaders or senior administrators. The program is presented in six team sessions (either in-person or via videoconference), supplemented by self-study assignments, over a 60-day period.

The program helps teams:

  • Increase compassion, consciousness and understanding of peers
  • Move past interpersonal discord
  • Reduce competitiveness and sabotage within a team, and increase mutual respect and cooperation
  • Increase personal and organizational accountability
  • Increase self-awareness and self-responsibility

“Malcolm did a great job in bringing us together as a team and helped us think and react to each other in a different way.”

– Recent program participant


business people and puzzleTeam Coaching: The Conscious Culture Roundtable

This program is dedicated to helping your leadership teams implement conscious business practices into your organization. Designed to emphasize peer support and peer learning, this recurring gathering of leaders is a forum for sharing best practices and ideas to create and sustain conscious culture as a company-wide leadership priority. Designed for 6-12 members of an organization, the program entails monthly meetings with one-on-one coaching opportunities in between.

The program helps teams:

  • Implement conscious business practices that increase meaningfulness of work and improve customer service
  • Significantly increase personal and organizational enjoyment of work, creativity and empathy
  • Raise loyalty and passion through strategic alignment, purpose-driven work and systems thinking
  • Turn peers into confidantes, supporters and friends who are partners in success
  • Reduce competitiveness and sabotage within a leadership team, and increase respect, cooperation and mutual support

“Unlike many other business coaches I have worked with, Malcolm doesn't just treat the symptoms of the business issues you may be facing, he gets to the root of the problem.”

– Heidi Hutchison, Managing Director and Marketing Strategist

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