Client Reviews and Testimonials for Malcolm Avner

With more than 20 years of experience coaching business leaders, Malcolm has helped hundreds of clients build companies and reinvigorate their lives. Read some of their stories here.

"Malcolm helped me see my personal blocks in a new way and how it was affecting me professionally. I would have never put the realizations together had it not been for Malcolm.  He quickly helped me identify a higher purpose, which provided the foundation I was missing.  I started working with Malcolm and thought we would put together a business plan and that would be it.  Instead, it turned into a personal journey and a deeper understanding of me that has been a tremendous help both personally and professionally.  Not to sound trite, but the experience has certainly changed the course of my life and I am forever grateful."

– J. McAvoy, Founder/Owner

"I am very thankful that we have partnered with Malcolm, as our business culture is very relationship-based. He has many years of coaching and training experience in varied topics, which gives him a unique perspective that I think is valuable to any company. His personality, along with the knowledge he shares, exemplifies our culture."

– C. Uelen, Director of Employee Development

"Malcolm has helped me successfully grow and sell my former business, start a new business, and become a better father, husband, and friend. It has not been easy for me. He challenges me often. I ask many questions, and rarely have I received the answer that I thought I wanted. He often directs me away from the symptom and helps me discover the underlying problem. I often go to him with business questions and get straight forward business advice from a seasoned business advisor, but sometimes it instead leads to a discussion about my personal behaviors and choices. The bottom line is that my business life and my personal life are better. I don’t always understand how it happens, but it consistently does, so long as I keep an open mind."

– K. Snoke, CEO

"Malcolm is a truly unique and gifted person. He has the ability to calm you and motivate you at the same time. His insights and observations are amazingly accurate and powerful. He will move you farther and faster than anyone I’ve ever met. If you have decided to move yourself forward and take what is great about you and make it even better, you absolutely want Malcolm to be your guide and coach!"

– D. Lewis, CEO

"Malcolm has brought much more to the table than being a Consultant or Executive Coach. I consider him a strategic partner and trusted friend.  His philosophy and teachings have inspired me with a new perspective on self-awareness, leadership, and effective communication techniques.  Malcolm has also integrated highly effective tools and exercises that I use to hold myself and others accountable, starting with speaking impeccably and maintaining integrity.  He has been very helpful in providing his perspective and advice when I have been faced with complicated and challenging management issues.  The success of our work together is clearly evident in a much-improved culture within my department."

– S. Dizes, VP

"Malcolm has been instrumental in helping us achieve our corporate, financial and human resource goals. He took my company from a haphazard, seat-of-the-pants style of management and helped us develop a mission statement and strategic goals that put us on a more organized and deliberate path to success. My business has benefited enormously from Malcolm’s guidance, as would any company he is associated with. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

– S. Dveris, CEO

"Malcolm delivers an impactful blend of professional coaching and personal development. I recommend him unconditionally."

– J. Jarvis, SVP/Partner

“As a result of Malcolm’s program, my patience and compassion for others has increased. I've been known to drop the hammer from time to time, so this was mostly appreciated by my team. I hear with compassion, with the intent to actually listen and more often respond by conceiving a clearer path and message for the team to follow.”

– Recent program graduate, Market Manager

“Hands down, best thing I've ever had the privilege to be a part of.”

– Recent program graduate, Market Manager

“Malcolm's coaching has made a huge difference in my life. He was incredibly skilled at asking tough questions that helped me see things from a different perspective. I am a much better communicator and better foresee the repercussions of my words and actions. The tools I learned will be helpful for the rest of my life and career.”

– A. Mele, VP

“Unlike many other business coaches I have known, Malcolm doesn't just treat the symptoms of the business issues you may be facing, he gets to the root of the problem. His intuitive sense combined with deep business knowledge allows him to see what the problems really are - resulting in long term impact, not just short-term results. I highly recommend Malcolm to help you break through barriers you and your business may be experiencing.”

– H. Hutchison, CMO

“Whether you need re-booting, guidance, insight, awareness or motivation; Malcolm has a way of bringing out your best and bringing you to a higher level of self-awareness and ultimately, success.”

– J. Lehman, CEO

“The conscious leadership program changed my life. Ultimately, this program helped me understand that I am a human in process, adopt a growth mindset, and equip me with the tools to start changing the aspects I was unhappy with. This has been a deeply profound change for me as it applies to both my personal and professional life. The group sessions were a key component – not being alone helped me stay the course and the other participants often provided valuable feedback and information.”

– A. Britton, Market Manager

“We have heard the quote that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. In all the roundtables I have been a part of, none of them got me as focused on the culture of the business as the Conscious Capitalism Roundtable did. Malcolm did an amazing job curating the group and then moderating the topics so that all attendees had the opportunity to contribute their advice and extract the best practices they could use in leading their companies.”

– K. Ruggiero, Chairman and CEO

“Malcolm is an inspirational leader, collaborative facilitator, and catalytic transformer that I would wholeheartedly recommend to get on your team or in your ecosystem! He effectively creates safe, brave and even sacred space to experience, self-reflect and create positive action and change for individuals, teams and systems, always with an eye toward not just a coherent strategy but a compelling and conscious culture. Our times together have been thought-provoking, eye and heart opening and results boosting for our $4.5B organization! Sit in on even one session and you will be blown away…”

– N. Billimoria, SVP/Chief Advocacy Officer

“The Conscious Capitalism Roundtable gave me an opportunity to pursue the principles of this organization, learning from others with similar objectives and joining with others to solve real-world business challenges within the context of humanistic capitalism. The candid discussions and support provided was invaluable. The advice and guidance that I was able to provide occasionally afforded me a sense of purpose, helping others make progress along the journey. With Malcolm’s expert facilitation, every session was productive and positive, well worth the time investment and instrumental in my own efforts to succeed in creating an organization that succeeded on all business metrics, while forming an environment where people loved to be.”

– S. Sewitch, Global Organization Development

“Malcolm has introduced me to value systems and communication techniques that improved my leadership style and helped shift the stubborn culture of my company. He has been a valuable sounding board regarding key personnel management and organization strategy.”

– K. Ribotsky, CEO

“Prior to the High-Potentials program, I really felt I had control over my role, my desires, and my attitude. I thought I knew it all and was a bit of a dictator. Because of this I felt like when my team made a mistake, I would have to clean it up and referred to it at times as baby sitting or firefighting. I felt exhausted by the end of the day and began not to enjoy the environment very much. I was spinning my wheels trying to find a way to inspire, rejuvenate, and build the team I myself was destroying. Malcolm took time to understand me as an individual while still creating a structure for the team to follow. He allowed us to share feedback consistently and challenged us to think differently or apply lessons learned towards our real time issues (personal or professional). I can only hope and strive to inspire individuals the way Malcolm and this program did for me.”

– J. Caputo, Market Manager

“Before this program I went through life controlled by time and controlled by work. And then one day something changed, things clicked. I started to see how I was allowing time to negatively affect me. As I went through this 18-month process I started to see things change as the world around me slowed down. From the tools I gained through this program and the implementation of them I started to see myself become happier and more productive in both my working and personal life. I started living in the moment! I would highly recommend this program to those that are looking to make themselves better and grow.”

– C. Handlos, General Manager

“From the very first coaching session, I realized it was not leadership training, in fact, wasn’t training at all. It was a character-building program. The material that is covered and how it’s covered made me view things in a completely different light. The biggest learning for me was the awareness of my gremlin, that’s the doubt inside of me, it’s the voice that keeps telling me why I can’t do something. I’ve learned how to acknowledge its presence and also how to quiet it down, this has given me more confidence and it has changed how I present myself in all types of situations. Malcolm has become a great influence in my life, with his help, not only have I become a better leader, but I’ve become a better human being.”

– B. Garcia, Talent Development Manager

“When I was first approached about the High-Potentials coaching program, I rolled my eyes and thought “Great now I am going to have to have to work even harder”. Work was a full plate and life did not leave many moments to take a breath, let alone take a highly encouraged, practically mandated program. What I didn’t realize before the program began was that I was so tied to my job that it literally had become my identity and my self-worth was attached to the success I had at work. There was animosity between myself and others as I was constantly getting frustrated, not knowing that the tone was set by me from the very beginning. I was working hard, harder than my bosses even wanted me to work, but my effectiveness was flawed and limited. My experience of the coaching program was that it raised my accountability, authenticity, and awareness to new levels. Malcolm did an excellent job of both challenging and encouraging me along the way with constructive guidance. Malcolm exemplified what it is to be impeccable. Malcolm also made me consciously aware of my words and how they had more power than I realized. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has the courage to say, I am not perfect, but I humbly embrace that with the goal towards improving and being more aware each day.”

– M. Fitzgerald, General Manager

“Thank you so much for helping me see clearer by providing great tools, knowledge, and wisdom to be able to continuously evolve.”

– M. Castellanos, HR Manager

“One of my biggest takeaways from our time together was how to approach difficult situations with compassion while still being mindful of the ultimate business objective at hand. Even when an unplanned inconvenience presents itself, I’m able to thoughtfully work towards a solution without getting bogged down by an unnecessary emotional response. I am also much more at ease when having uncomfortable conversations. This has spread throughout my team, where communication between individuals has improved and the overall atmosphere is much lighter.”

– A. Plefka, Market General Manager

“My perspective on accountability of myself and my team has greatly changed. I give clearer direction and am more likely to seek better understanding before giving instructions.”

– Recent program graduate, Market Manager

“Malcolm Avner was exactly the right person for me at the darkest most difficult time of my life. He was calm, supportive easy to talk to and trust. He gave me the tools to dig myself out of that dark place.  He helped me process the emotions that had been bottled up. He helped me stay on track with my business when some days I had to struggle to get out of bed. He coached me on how to manage relationships that were confusing to me. I highly recommend Malcolm Avner for anyone who has big goals and wants to move more efficiently to achieve them or for anyone dealing with difficult times in their life that seem overwhelming.”

– M. Erwin, Owner

“I used to suppress feelings that needed to be addressed......and this suppression led to destructive behavior. With Malcolm’s help, I gained the ability to face my emotions and beliefs, and to do so without feeling weak or intimidated. I feel more tranquil and more fulfilled with my life, clear about where I'm headed both personally and professionally.”

– C. Volk, U.S. Navy SEAL

“I was greatly impressed with Malcolm’s acute analysis and expertise in business management. His insights and suggestions were invaluable in the on-going negotiations with our new CEO as well as the establishment of our new board of directors and management team.”

– A. McManus, CFO

“As an owner of a very busy marketing and communications agency, I started working with Malcolm to develop coping skills for stress related to managing a large staff and high demands. When we started, I immediately saw that the work we were going to do together would go much deeper than that. He quickly helped me realize and identify the underlying issues that contributed to my stress. He also helped me through several company transitions, business planning, and personal career planning. His approach pushed me to work differently, think differently, and ultimately feel differently - all for the better. Malcolm is greatly responsible for helping me adopt a way of being that I never thought I could. I consider him much more than my Executive Coach. He is someone that I trust to be there for me, no matter what problems I may encounter.”

– D. Ribotsky, EVP

“I am and will forever be incredibly appreciative and aware of the positive changes you've helped me generate in my life. Without being overly dramatic, I believe my life has been forever altered. I can't thank you enough for that.”

– E. Bean, High-Performance and Leadership Coach

“Working with Malcolm has been one of the hardest but most beneficial things that I have ever done. I have come a long way and the people that I care most about are better off for it.”

– L. Neuhoff, Regional Manager

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