Client Reviews and Testimonials for Malcolm Avner

With more than 20 years of experience coaching business leaders, Malcolm has helped hundreds of clients change their direction and change their lives. Read some of their stories here.

"Malcolm is much more than a coach. He is more like a coach, therapist, intuitive and business advisor. Malcolm helped me see my personal blocks in a new way and how it was affecting me professionally. I would have never put the two together had it not been for Malcolm. He quickly helped me identify my purpose in life which provided the foundation I was missing. I started working with Malcolm and thought we would put together a business plan and that would be it. Instead it turned into a personal journey and a deeper understanding of me that has been a tremendous help both personally and professionally. Not to sound trite, but the experience has certainly changed the course of my life and I am forever grateful."

– Julie McAvoy, Owner, McAvoy Real Estate

"I wanted to take a moment to share with you my strong endorsement of Malcolm Avner, Business and Life Coach. While working with Malcolm I found him to be smart, professional, thorough, and detail oriented. Malcolm has a passion for people and offers a high level of integrity. His friendly demeanor, professionalism, and warm personality are other characteristics that made him a valued client partner with Brickman.

I am very thankful that we have partnered with Malcolm as our business culture is very relationship-based. His unique perspective is valuable to any company"

– Cyndi Uelen, Director of Employee Development, Brickman, Inc.

"Malcolm has helped me successfully grow and sell my former business, start a new business, and become a better father, husband, and friend. He challenges me often and directs me away from the symptom and helps me discover the underlying problem. I often go to him with business questions and get straight forward business advice from a seasoned business advisor, but sometimes it instead leads to a discussion about my personal behaviors and life choices.

When you are ready to make improvements in your life, talk to Malcolm. If you even think you might be ready, talk to Malcolm."

– Ken Snoke, CEO, BioSurplus

"Malcolm is a truly unique and gifted person. He has the ability to calm you and motivate you at the same time. His insights and observations are amazingly accurate and powerful. He will move you farther and faster than anyone I’ve ever met. If you have decided to move yourself forward and take what is great about you and make it even better, you absolutely want Malcolm to be your guide and coach!"

– Del Lewis, CEO, TriClare Business Holdings; Vistage Chair

"Malcolm’s coaching and mentorship have provided me with a valuable advantage in leadership and communication. I greatly value his integrity, professionalism, and reliability. I consider him a strategic partner and trusted friend. His philosophy and teachings starting with the Four Agreements have inspired me with a new perspective on self-awareness, leadership, and effective communication techniques."

– Sandor Dizes, VP, LAZ Parking

"Malcolm has consulted with my company for five years. During that time, Malcolm has been instrumental in helping us achieve our corporate, financial and human resource goals.

Malcolm took my company from a haphazard, seat-of-the-pants style of management and helped us develop a mission statement and strategic goals that put us on a more organized and deliberate path to success. My business has benefited enormously from Malcolm’s guidance, as would any company he is associated with. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

– Steve Dveris, CEO, SD Media

"Malcolm is excellent at his craft. With his business background, he offers a great blend of professional coaching and personal counseling. I recommend him unconditionally."

– John Jarvis, Principal and SVP, Hughes Marino

“As a result of Malcolm’s program, my patience and compassion for others has increased. I've been known to drop the hammer from time to time, so this was mostly appreciated by my team. I hear with compassion, with the intent to actually listen and more often respond by conceiving a clearer path and message for the team to follow.”

– Group program participant, Market General Manager

“Hands down, best thing I've ever had the privilege to be a part of.”

– Group program participant, Market General Manager

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