Individual and Corporate Team Retreats

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A specially designed adventure for individuals, partners or management teams. Its purpose is to provide a challenging, fun and powerful experience designed to help you receive insight and clarify direction.

Retreats come in various forms and can be customized to your specific aims and conditions.

A retreat may be your ideal vehicle, if you seek to…

  • Shake-up stagnant thinking that accompanies daily routines
  • Stimulate creativity through connection to nature, art or new experiences
  • Reorient perspective to reveal hidden guidance
  • Recharge through rest and disconnecting from everyday demands
  • Reinvigorate through recreation and lighthearted moments
  • Reintegrate with key people, values and a higher purpose

Types of Retreats

Individual Experiences

  • Daylong coaching intensive – to address a chronic issue or complex emergency
  • “Vision quest” – designed to find direction through an immersive connection to nature
  • Guided sabbatical – to recuperate, recharge and reorient

Corporate and Team Retreats

  • Daylong coaching intensive – create a unified approach for problem solving and company growth
  • 2-day offsite – for strategic planning or alignment of values, vision and mission

Self-Guided Programs

In addition to facilitated retreats, Malcolm offers self-guided programs that provide instructions and guidelines for a self-administered dive into your own journey of exploration, introspection and growth.

“Whether you need re-booting, guidance, insight, awareness or motivation; Malcolm has a way of bringing out your best and bringing you to a higher level of self-awareness and ultimately, success.”

– John Lehmann, CEO, Uplifteam

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