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Heart Required. Cape Optional.

Ready to be a force for wellbeing and a healthy planet?  If you apply the Conscious Capitalism model, you don’t need to don a cape to transform your company into a force for good! 

In case you haven’t heard, Conscious Capitalism is a fast-growing global movement committed to elevating humanity through business. Specifically, it’s about aligning life purpose with business values – and acting accordingly – in order to build the most successful business. Duh, right? Who doesn’t want meaningful, purpose-driven work? Yet, a great majority of us don’t regularly experience soul nourishment from work. The statistics are widely known: Globally, 85% of employees are not engaged at work (Gallup 2017.) Staggering!

You may not be surprised to know that one of the biggest obstacles to soul-satisfying work might be YOU, senior leader. …Frowny-face… Take this quiz to see how you fare…

  • Do you know what activities are most deeply rewarding for you? If yes, do you integrate those activities into your daily routines?
  • Are you aware of how you undermine your own best efforts? If yes, do you have an effective means for dealing with self-sabotage?
  • Can you clearly articulate your life purpose, such as through a life mission statement?
  • Do you believe that it is feasible for everyone to achieve financial stability while doing what they love?
  • Deep down, do you believe you deserve to enjoy your work and your life?
  • Do you believe you have a talent or skill that can make the world a better place? If yes, do you exercise that gift daily?
  • Do you believe that any person can make a significant difference in the world?

It only takes one “no” to imprison your potential.

Conscious Capitalism can’t help you with the YOU part – that’s the role of coaches, therapists and the like. However, the power of the CC movement is in the world-wide community of like-minded aspirers, leaders and proponents of the cause. This community is bringing awareness and guidance to people who crave meaningful work and a purposeful life. We offer inspiration, resources and guidance to business leaders who are driven to use their company as a vehicle to improve the lives of ALL stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, suppliers, the local community and the planet.

I challenge you, as I have challenged myself, to look beyond the short-term goals and tasks of trying to get ahead. Invest attention today in service of your higher purpose. Join me in the Conscious Capitalism family. Here’s how:

To life and business on purpose!

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